Saturday, January 31, 2009


So...Im at Gregs apartment. He's still sleeping. Ive been up for about 3 hours now lol. Im pretty much procrastinating so i dont have to read Ragged Dick and some book that Adam Smith wrote. I have so much homework and so little time. so stephanies birthday is coming up soon and I am going to make her a Pimp cup. Im pretty excited. Its gonna be awesome. Lets see. I feel like i am so busy and i have all these plans but othing is happening lol. Like I have all these things i need to do but they seem to get done on time without me really noticing. Does that make sense? I dunno. Last ight I watched Wall-e with Greg. We got the movie at a Red Box which is like a kiosk thing kind of ilke coinstar inside an Albertsons. We got the movie for free because it was our first time and anytime after that is $1//day. I think you also get a free movie every monday or something. Its cool. So anyways the movie was a lot better than i thoguht it was gonna be. Who would think that they could make a robot be so adorable. It was a sad glimpse of the future. Hope that doesnt happen. So now im going to recycle haha. Hmmm what else. I guess nothing. I wanted to o to Universal Studios. Ive been wanting to go for awhile now. I havent been there since i think Christmas Day haha. My family and I go literally like once a month haha. We know everything about everything there yet we still act surprised when we get there. Vince and Max said we are going soon so you guys better not let me down! I reallllllly want to go shopping. I really want a new dress and some boots and some new makeup ! Too bad I am broke haha. Its funny how i got paid yesterday and still consider myself broke. Its cause by the time May comes around ill have to owe about $3000 for school and housing and that literaly empties my bank account. My grandpa, last summer, asked me to write his book for him on his life stories and blah blah blah. He said he'd pay me $5000 once competed. Well, Its completed and i have yet to be paid, but i definitely cannot just go u to my grandpa and ask himm for money. Not cool. But honestly you try spending your whole summer have my italian grandfather who speaks barely any elglish....or italian for the matter.....considering he speaks gibberish, while having him spit cheese at you and see if your happy. Did that make sense either? Wow this is long. <33

**One thing i want to do before i die- Be successful

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Morning Rant

Okay. So before i start my day of reading and class and homework (ew), I am going to just rant i suppose. School is getting so crazy for me and its only the second week. It was my new year resolution to actually try in school. I figure I get Bs and an occasional A or C when i literally do nothing for my classes. This semester is going to be different. I hope. I have been reading all the chapters and all the assignments and taking notes. I am just so worn out. Now i know why people say college is hard because those people are actually doing the work! I get it now lol. Well lets see. Nothing new has been going on. Ive been thinking a lot. I want to go on more dates. Like actualy nice dates. Its sad that i have come to a point that i count carls jr or del taco as a date. I mean i love those places but i mean really...I guess money is a big problem. Its the reason why we dont go out much, but there are so many things that dont cost money that we could do. I dont know. Im over talking about this. Not gonna change. hmmm....I really want some cute high heel boots. Some black leather ones. Maybe when i get paid next ill get some. My jewelry hasnt been selling at all. I guess cause the economy or at least thats just what ill say is the reason. Alright well enough of this procrastinating. Im going to go read the federalist papers now. yay.

One thing i wanna do before i die- Get married to the love of my life.

Sunday, January 25, 2009


So yesterday we all went to disneyland for Sammys birthday. I went with Greg, Dia, Steph, Anne, Drew, Sammy, Stephanie, Ashley, and Alex. It was really fun. When we got to Anaheim it was POURING RAIN. I thought the day would be miserable but the second we parked at disney, it stopped raining. I kind of felt sick all day but i sucked it up and went on all the rides. Well now i have a ton of reading i have to do. I have to read for my managemet info systems class, i have to read the biography of Ben Franklin, and I have to read for critical thinking and management. Geeez so much reading!. I hope i can do this!. We'll see i guess. Well Im gonna get ready to go to the cafe.


One thing i wanna do before i die- sit onthe hood of your car at night and watch planes go over our head.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Good Night.

About to go to sleep. Going to Disneyland on Saturday. Thanks Greg for driving :]]
Im cold. hair is wet. Tomorrow its going to rain and i cant wait. i get to wear my coat :]
I got some flowers i ordered from etsy and im gonna go to michaels and get some stuff to make an awesome headband. So tacos lol we decided,on our way to del taco, that we were not feeling tacos and decided to go to panda express instead. Brilliant idea. So good. My class were okay. We will see how they go i suppose. 18 units of Upper division business classes will be tough but some of the classes seem interesting. Im dreading my Business in American Literature class. Ew. No thanks. Im tired. I miss Greg. OMG House today was amazing. probably one of my favorite episodes so far. Loveeee that show. Hugh Laurie should probably marry me soon. Tomorrow i have 3 classes. Lets see, Accounting 300, Critical thinking, and 3 hrs of Business in American Literature. EWWWW. Well Night

*One thing i wanna do before i do-I want to work on the set of a huge television show.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

MGT 307

So im sitting here waiting to go to class. I am kind of nervous. First ever management class. at least i have a friend in that class with me. And at least im having a good hair day lol. Im wearing a dress i got at target yesterday for $4 pretty sweet i suppose. Anyways i feel like im gonna barf. Cant wait for Taco Tuesday tonight. im thinking....9 tacos... lol yum
i think im getting fat.
i am going to work out...starting....feb 23rd.
I really suck at these. and i dont think anyone reads them. except you i guess.
k. bye


**one thng i wanna do before i die- help at a soup kitchen on christmas.

Monday, January 19, 2009

I brought sexy CSUCI

So im back at school. moved in yesterday. No more office work. I start tutoring on wednesday. I have class tomorrow. I think i have critical thinking and accounting or something. Disneyland on saturday. Pretty excited. Its basically awesome being able to see Greg again. I love him. Such a cutie. Im kind of just rambling on about random stuff. Im watching jon and kkate plus 8. Love this show. I just watched the movie "the heathers" and i basically have a new favorite movie. My favorite line from that movie..."Fuck me genty with a chainsaw" lol that movie is awesome. Anyways....bye


**one thing i wanna do before i die: Learn to drive stick.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

God the Godfather is Long

Basically today i went to work from 8-6 ew. well it was okay except i did some snooping to discover my co-worker who knows so muhc less than me is making like 3 bucks more than i am perhour. so stupid! anyways after work i went to see The Godfather playing at the Dirty Mann (cheap theater). It was insomniac cinema so they show old films. Ive never seen the godfather so figured why not see it on the big screen. It was fucking LONG. wow. but it was kind of funny because i swear the don is like the same person as my grandfather lol. they look the same, speak the same, and act the same. Ridiculous!. Fuck im tired. I suck at blogging lol. Never have anything interesting to say lol
night <333

One thing i wanna do before i die- Celebrate New years in every single time zone.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Just a Tuesday

So this morning I had work at 10am. I was so happy. Such a big difference from having to wake up at 7 in the morning. I thought the day started off so well.... Then I got to work. Dont get me wrong, I love my job! I couldnt ask for better bosses or people to work with but the actual work really gets me. Today I had to make a Personnel Action Form (PAF) for about 150 people. It was very tedious, but Its work. Oh and my boss offered to buy me lunch but i felt bad so i got chips and dip because she completely insisted on me getting something. I hate that. Finally 6pm rolls around and leave work. This morning the electricity went off in my neightborhood and i guess they never fixed it. I got home and my dfamily was eating chinese food in pitch black darkness lol. I had no idea what I was eating....then again, anytime i eat chinese food i never really know what im eating lol. So after dinner i went up to my room and played my nintendo DS. I love it! Man i am tired. I need to sleep. Cant wait for school to start again!


*One thing i wanna do before i do: Have a pillow fight that fills the entire room with feathers.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Just Dance......But not at all.

So tonight I was so excited. I was going to chaperon a dance for my work. I was excited to get on the dance floor and show up all those slutty 7th grade girls who grind all up on each other and use the bathroom to have serious talks about how cute the boy with the earring is. I get to the dance and they put me in the Gym where the bathroom was. So my job basically was to sit and make sure the girls were not snorting coke in the bathroom. Pretty sweet i suppose. It didnt hurt that my co-worker Russell was put there with me so we just hung out the whole time. Poor Maria was stuck in the game room with all the smelly boys. Well at least we got paid but im still sad i didnt get to dance. Tomorrow, Diana and Stephanie(roommies!) are coming to visit so im sure we will have some sweet dance breaks lol. I cant wait to go back to school but i wont lie, i will miss working at the Rec Dept. Well I guess Summer is not too far away and i will continue to work there. So anyways, that was my night. Im going to sleep now. night <333

It Was Friday

So today i went to Smart n Final with my mom and aunt. My 8 year old cousin basically makes me never want children ever in life. After that i went to my grandparents house where the torture continued as i had my grandpa yell at me in Italian and my grandma hit me with her wooden slipper lol. The day got better when i hung out with Max and Vince. Funny how we can hang out in In n Out for 3 hours and not get bored even though i had no idea wht they were talking about half the time. Hope to hang out with them again sometime soon! Well Im gonna go to sleep. Chaperoning a dance tomorrow. Have to be tip top! Night <33

P.S.-Happy 26th monthiversary babe. I love You

Thursday, January 8, 2009

150 Chairs

Work sucks. I had to move 150 chairs today and stamp them and put them away. Only one week left. I get to chaperon a dance this weekend. That'll be interesting. Nothing really too exciting happened today. Hopefully tomorrow will be better. Maybe ill make some jewelry.

Check out my stuff

Carls Jr. is going to make me barf.

I gonna go have a dance party by myself.

Post Dance Party: WICKED is amazing. Can't get over it. Anyways, I want to live in LA or NYC. Help me get there. :] kthanks

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Just the Start

I pretty much only made this so i can comment on Kims blog lol
we'll see if i have much to say

But! i did meet Dave England from Jackass today :]!