Sunday, January 25, 2009


So yesterday we all went to disneyland for Sammys birthday. I went with Greg, Dia, Steph, Anne, Drew, Sammy, Stephanie, Ashley, and Alex. It was really fun. When we got to Anaheim it was POURING RAIN. I thought the day would be miserable but the second we parked at disney, it stopped raining. I kind of felt sick all day but i sucked it up and went on all the rides. Well now i have a ton of reading i have to do. I have to read for my managemet info systems class, i have to read the biography of Ben Franklin, and I have to read for critical thinking and management. Geeez so much reading!. I hope i can do this!. We'll see i guess. Well Im gonna get ready to go to the cafe.


One thing i wanna do before i die- sit onthe hood of your car at night and watch planes go over our head.

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