Thursday, January 15, 2009

God the Godfather is Long

Basically today i went to work from 8-6 ew. well it was okay except i did some snooping to discover my co-worker who knows so muhc less than me is making like 3 bucks more than i am perhour. so stupid! anyways after work i went to see The Godfather playing at the Dirty Mann (cheap theater). It was insomniac cinema so they show old films. Ive never seen the godfather so figured why not see it on the big screen. It was fucking LONG. wow. but it was kind of funny because i swear the don is like the same person as my grandfather lol. they look the same, speak the same, and act the same. Ridiculous!. Fuck im tired. I suck at blogging lol. Never have anything interesting to say lol
night <333

One thing i wanna do before i die- Celebrate New years in every single time zone.

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