Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Good Night.

About to go to sleep. Going to Disneyland on Saturday. Thanks Greg for driving :]]
Im cold. hair is wet. Tomorrow its going to rain and i cant wait. i get to wear my coat :]
I got some flowers i ordered from etsy and im gonna go to michaels and get some stuff to make an awesome headband. So tacos lol we decided,on our way to del taco, that we were not feeling tacos and decided to go to panda express instead. Brilliant idea. So good. My class were okay. We will see how they go i suppose. 18 units of Upper division business classes will be tough but some of the classes seem interesting. Im dreading my Business in American Literature class. Ew. No thanks. Im tired. I miss Greg. OMG House today was amazing. probably one of my favorite episodes so far. Loveeee that show. Hugh Laurie should probably marry me soon. Tomorrow i have 3 classes. Lets see, Accounting 300, Critical thinking, and 3 hrs of Business in American Literature. EWWWW. Well Night

*One thing i wanna do before i do-I want to work on the set of a huge television show.

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