Saturday, January 31, 2009


So...Im at Gregs apartment. He's still sleeping. Ive been up for about 3 hours now lol. Im pretty much procrastinating so i dont have to read Ragged Dick and some book that Adam Smith wrote. I have so much homework and so little time. so stephanies birthday is coming up soon and I am going to make her a Pimp cup. Im pretty excited. Its gonna be awesome. Lets see. I feel like i am so busy and i have all these plans but othing is happening lol. Like I have all these things i need to do but they seem to get done on time without me really noticing. Does that make sense? I dunno. Last ight I watched Wall-e with Greg. We got the movie at a Red Box which is like a kiosk thing kind of ilke coinstar inside an Albertsons. We got the movie for free because it was our first time and anytime after that is $1//day. I think you also get a free movie every monday or something. Its cool. So anyways the movie was a lot better than i thoguht it was gonna be. Who would think that they could make a robot be so adorable. It was a sad glimpse of the future. Hope that doesnt happen. So now im going to recycle haha. Hmmm what else. I guess nothing. I wanted to o to Universal Studios. Ive been wanting to go for awhile now. I havent been there since i think Christmas Day haha. My family and I go literally like once a month haha. We know everything about everything there yet we still act surprised when we get there. Vince and Max said we are going soon so you guys better not let me down! I reallllllly want to go shopping. I really want a new dress and some boots and some new makeup ! Too bad I am broke haha. Its funny how i got paid yesterday and still consider myself broke. Its cause by the time May comes around ill have to owe about $3000 for school and housing and that literaly empties my bank account. My grandpa, last summer, asked me to write his book for him on his life stories and blah blah blah. He said he'd pay me $5000 once competed. Well, Its completed and i have yet to be paid, but i definitely cannot just go u to my grandpa and ask himm for money. Not cool. But honestly you try spending your whole summer have my italian grandfather who speaks barely any elglish....or italian for the matter.....considering he speaks gibberish, while having him spit cheese at you and see if your happy. Did that make sense either? Wow this is long. <33

**One thing i want to do before i die- Be successful

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