Saturday, January 10, 2009

It Was Friday

So today i went to Smart n Final with my mom and aunt. My 8 year old cousin basically makes me never want children ever in life. After that i went to my grandparents house where the torture continued as i had my grandpa yell at me in Italian and my grandma hit me with her wooden slipper lol. The day got better when i hung out with Max and Vince. Funny how we can hang out in In n Out for 3 hours and not get bored even though i had no idea wht they were talking about half the time. Hope to hang out with them again sometime soon! Well Im gonna go to sleep. Chaperoning a dance tomorrow. Have to be tip top! Night <33

P.S.-Happy 26th monthiversary babe. I love You


  1. p.s. i love your blog page. its so fun and colorful and the pics rock