Saturday, January 10, 2009

Just Dance......But not at all.

So tonight I was so excited. I was going to chaperon a dance for my work. I was excited to get on the dance floor and show up all those slutty 7th grade girls who grind all up on each other and use the bathroom to have serious talks about how cute the boy with the earring is. I get to the dance and they put me in the Gym where the bathroom was. So my job basically was to sit and make sure the girls were not snorting coke in the bathroom. Pretty sweet i suppose. It didnt hurt that my co-worker Russell was put there with me so we just hung out the whole time. Poor Maria was stuck in the game room with all the smelly boys. Well at least we got paid but im still sad i didnt get to dance. Tomorrow, Diana and Stephanie(roommies!) are coming to visit so im sure we will have some sweet dance breaks lol. I cant wait to go back to school but i wont lie, i will miss working at the Rec Dept. Well I guess Summer is not too far away and i will continue to work there. So anyways, that was my night. Im going to sleep now. night <333

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  1. I would have liked to see you show up the 7th graders