Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Just a Tuesday

So this morning I had work at 10am. I was so happy. Such a big difference from having to wake up at 7 in the morning. I thought the day started off so well.... Then I got to work. Dont get me wrong, I love my job! I couldnt ask for better bosses or people to work with but the actual work really gets me. Today I had to make a Personnel Action Form (PAF) for about 150 people. It was very tedious, but Its work. Oh and my boss offered to buy me lunch but i felt bad so i got chips and dip because she completely insisted on me getting something. I hate that. Finally 6pm rolls around and leave work. This morning the electricity went off in my neightborhood and i guess they never fixed it. I got home and my dfamily was eating chinese food in pitch black darkness lol. I had no idea what I was eating....then again, anytime i eat chinese food i never really know what im eating lol. So after dinner i went up to my room and played my nintendo DS. I love it! Man i am tired. I need to sleep. Cant wait for school to start again!


*One thing i wanna do before i do: Have a pillow fight that fills the entire room with feathers.

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