Tuesday, January 20, 2009

MGT 307

So im sitting here waiting to go to class. I am kind of nervous. First ever management class. at least i have a friend in that class with me. And at least im having a good hair day lol. Im wearing a dress i got at target yesterday for $4 pretty sweet i suppose. Anyways i feel like im gonna barf. Cant wait for Taco Tuesday tonight. im thinking....9 tacos... lol yum
i think im getting fat.
i am going to work out...starting....feb 23rd.
I really suck at these. and i dont think anyone reads them. except you i guess.
k. bye


**one thng i wanna do before i die- help at a soup kitchen on christmas.

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  1. but I love reading them, I like that it is written to someone, like anyone could read and think it was written directly to them