Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Morning Rant

Okay. So before i start my day of reading and class and homework (ew), I am going to just rant i suppose. School is getting so crazy for me and its only the second week. It was my new year resolution to actually try in school. I figure I get Bs and an occasional A or C when i literally do nothing for my classes. This semester is going to be different. I hope. I have been reading all the chapters and all the assignments and taking notes. I am just so worn out. Now i know why people say college is hard because those people are actually doing the work! I get it now lol. Well lets see. Nothing new has been going on. Ive been thinking a lot. I want to go on more dates. Like actualy nice dates. Its sad that i have come to a point that i count carls jr or del taco as a date. I mean i love those places but i mean really...I guess money is a big problem. Its the reason why we dont go out much, but there are so many things that dont cost money that we could do. I dont know. Im over talking about this. Not gonna change. hmmm....I really want some cute high heel boots. Some black leather ones. Maybe when i get paid next ill get some. My jewelry hasnt been selling at all. I guess cause the economy or at least thats just what ill say is the reason. Alright well enough of this procrastinating. Im going to go read the federalist papers now. yay.

One thing i wanna do before i die- Get married to the love of my life.

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