Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Hello, Its You Again

So its another day. Wednesday. My worst day. Too much class i think. I cant wait for this semester to be over. Its hard actually doing your work in school. I do not recommend it. I have so much homework to do this weekend. Oh! I get to make a PIMP cup for my roommate Steph lol. Shes turning 21 next weekend and NEEDS a PIMP cup. I am excited to make it. Man i wish i had more money. There are absolutely wayyyy too many birthdays in March. Like Kims mom always said "I Should have kept my legs closed" I think all mothers of march babies should have done that! For my sake at least lol. I need to go shopping too. I dont know if i mention that in my last blog but i hate all of my clothes. I think on my next paycheck i am just gonna blow it on clothes.....after i pay max back for my ticket! and the dr pepper! Oh! Valentines day is coming up. I wonder if greg will do anything for me...I was a romantic scavenger hunt or something. Something that takes thought and effort. I dont know i feel like some people get so much and dont appreciate anything. but me on the other hand....kind of opposite. blah. dont wanna talk about this. I guess i just have such high hopes always. I make up things in my head that greg can do...Take me on a surprise road trip the big sur and camp under the stars or take me to the airport in a random field and watch the planes go over as we lay on the hood on his car with blankets... I dont think ill ever get that, unless i do it myself. Which i usually do. I should stop making things up like that in my head. I set myself up for disappointment. sucky. We will see i suppose. So as of right now i love the song "1,2,3,4" by the plain white ts. its too cute. you should listen to it. It will either make you love life or hate it. Hopefully love it. Gotta go to class now.


One thing i want to do before i die. -Scream as loud as i possibly could into a canyon

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  1. There are some things that I take for granted and I think one of them is the amount of time we have been friends. Who else would ever quote "the debinator's" favorite saying? And who else would know it for that matter? No one else! except bo bena!