Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Im Hangin In There

Things are getting a little better. Greg and I hung out yesterday just as friends. It was good. I didnt cry! I almost did when i asked for a hug. God, i miss his hugs. Im trying to be strong. He said he needed time to think about what he wanted. I asked him how much time he needed. He said "I am going to wait til the end of the week, then ill think if i wanted to spend the week with you or spend it how i spent it." Makes sense. Suppose Ill do the same. I just feel so empty. I barely eat which is mad talk coming from me! I guess thats how it feels to break up with someone. All i drink is water because it fills my stomach a little without making me sick. Funny how girls usually binge eat ben and jerrys when they break up, i have no idea how they can do that! I have an acctounting Exam today. First one this semester. Im nervous. closed book and closed notes. Hopefully he will say differently when we get there. Its all multiple choice but we have to show our work. Idk.
Anyways, I had a guy ask for my number via facebook. Bad news is he is the on again off again boyfriend of my friend. Fucked up that he would do that to her. He is probably trying to spite her because he thinks shes seeing someone else. So stupid. Anyways i told him no because i could never do that to her. Well I am gonna go study now. Things are getting better. I almost slept through the entire night last night. oh, and my goal today is to NOT call or txt greg. we'll see how that goes. byee

**One thing i want to do before i die- Try trapezing!

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