Thursday, February 5, 2009

Things To Do This Weekend and then some

-hair trim
-read The Jungle
-Critical thinking essay
-finish website
-read ch 2-4 for management and take notes
-read ch 4-6 for management info systems and take notes
-econ homework
-buy supplies for PIMP cup
-go to Maria's mom's art show in Ojai
-buy valentines day gift
-buy shampoo soap and eyeliner at Target

I like to make a lot of lists. I have about 5 lists that look exactly like this one. I think i might have OCD. I am constantly writing lists and everything always ALWAYS has to be in its place and perfect and lined up. Its horrible. So Gregs gonna be gone this weekend :\ Hes going home for a dentist appointment and for his brothers birthday. Happy Birthday Timmy Hammy! Yea so i suppose its just steph and i think weekend. Maybe when im done with everything i have to do or am procrastinating we can fit in a few dance parties. I want to go clubbin so bad! I figured out my outfit for the next time i go. Its a black little dress with black and grey leopard print top part its strapless and it looks just saying. and my shoes are awesome too and i want to wear them but i have no occassion, yet. Maybe ill wear them for stephs bday. Oh we can have a theme! Imgonna tell her that when im done with this. Well im gonna go do something else i suppose.

-one thing i wanna do before i die- See a show on Broadway.

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  1. I want to have a theme for my birthday! Tell her to have the theme be insane asylum! That way when people come dressed up as ugly crazy people you can be dressed as "insanely hot"