Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Time to finally breathe

So this long weekend has ended and i just finished my homework for tomorrow. Now i can tell you about how everything went. Thursday night was stephs birthday party at our friends' house in camarillo. It was alright. I dunno im awkward at parties. Whatever. Friday! Probably my favorite day of the weekend. I went to a WWE Raw show in LA at Staples Center with VsideVince, Maxi Pad, and Fili. We wondered the streets looking for a freaking subway and couldnt find one. we end up at a small cafe breakfast place that only took cash...which i had none of ....so i ate free bread and vince's coleslaw. yum! so! they wrestling show was good and vince probably made me laugh so hard i almost peed my pants. He kept yelling through his kept and screaming and a little kid in front of him i think started to idolize vince more than the wrestlers lol. Anyways that was really fun. Next day, Valentines day. Woke up early baked cookies for Greg got all dressed up and waited....until about 130 in the afternoon when Greg picked me up to take me back to hueneme. We fed the ducks on a stream that is down the street from his apartment. It wa fun. Then he atempted to make me a KFC chicken bowl from scratch and definitely burned the chicken instantly. 2nd attempt was better and it turned out good! So i definitely did not get a surprise road trip or get to camp under the stars or get to go on a romantic scavenger hunt, but ill deal with reality. Sunday i just sat around. Nothing special. So. I guess there are no more days coming up for greg to have another shot at doing something romantic for me. I think i just live in a fairytale and he always tells me this is reality. Its hard for me to cope with that though. Why can't i live in a fairytale?? Some girls really get that. Alright. I guess thats it. Oh! and i miss my besties kimbo and nicholita. I love you guys!!!! <333!

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  1. aww my poor bestie, your boy just doesnt know how to treat you right. he was just never taught. u gotta let him know that u love all those little and big cute things. i feel like he's totally leaving you hanging and it makes me kinda mad and kinda sad. not even leaving u hanging but just not living up to his role. im sorry if all this is coming out wrong i dont mean to offend you, i just want you to be happy. gregs a good guy but it just makes me sad to see that he doesnt treat you right...and your getting use to it and accepting it cuz u feel like there is nothing u can do about it. ugh i didnt mean to write all this but whatever it just came out. i should probably read over it but its too long now lol. k i love you and miss you soooo much!