Thursday, March 5, 2009

Almost Midnight Rant

So I just got out of the shower and thought i would do a quick blog before i went to sleep. I'm pretty sure this past week and a half has been one of the most roller coaster times of my life. I think i have learned a lot about myself throughout it though. It makes me still sick to think of how you talked to me that night, but I am proud that i am strong enough to not crawl back. You were my rock. The one person i felt was there for me in my time of need. The other night, you just reminded me why i did what i did. Even as my friend, you let me suffer as you play your games. I hope that you realllly think about your loss. because trust me, its a BIG one. I hope you can find someone half as good as i am. good luck, you'll need it. Even as a friend, i was always there for you and i know i never would have left you how you left me. Think about it. Now, lets change the subject shall we? Tomorrow I am going to LA with Maxi Pad and VsideVince to see Watchmen in an Imax theater. I'm excited. Ive only seen one Imax movie before aand it was some lame canadian rock climbing movie. After the movie, i suppose we are going to some wrestling thing but i dunno, i just go along for the ride. Im exciteddd. Fuck but after tomorrow, its going to be a hell weekend. Lets see what my plans are for the week. I have readings i need to read, a movie i need to watch, an 8 page Lit/Bus paper, a presentation, a midterm, and an economics test all due next week. Once next week is over then im basically home free until spring break! woo! except for some stupid 2 page paper on an accounting book...So pointless. Anyways, goodnight....Oh, and if YOURE still reading more goodnight txts from me. or goodnight kisses...again...have fun with WOW, getting tired of your troll yet??

One thing i want to do before i die- Go to Italy with my Dad.

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