Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Whyyy does it feel like Im back in high school. In fact, I dont think I even had this much drama in high school ever. Everyone i feel is so fake. talk shit behind everyones back the second they leave the room then act like their bestie the next minute. Makes me wonder what they think about me. Although i did hear part of what they talk about me. Apparently they say im boring because i dont drink but honestly haha that makes me laugh because how embarassing is it to think someone is lame because they dont not the way wasting hours throwing a dirty ping pong ball into a red cup. FUCK I WISH I WERE THAT COOL.....but not at all. I wanna be with my besties who dance in the streets and dress up and have fun no mattttter what. Fuck Fakes. They'll be bored once they are out of college and realize they are boring people. Ill still be dancing. Fuck i hate girls.

Anyways, now the situation with Greg and I. So we kinda talk now. Only through txts. which i hate. only little things like whats up which i hate. I havent seen him in a week. which i hate also. I guess hes moving on. I should too. :[
I dont want to:[

Alright well....still broken hearted.

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