Friday, March 6, 2009

I finally smiled today

Wow. Ok,. so today went nothing like i thought it would. As you may have read in my blog from this morning, i thought i was going to LA to see a movie and a possible wrestling show. Well, on our way to the movies in LA i said we should go to the imax theater at city walk and then just go to universal instead. This ofcourse was a joke and i say it everytime we go to LA or pass Universal studios. Well vince got off the exit to universal and i was like reallly confused. So I was excited they changed their mind and wanted to see the movie at city walk. we get to city walk and we are eating at panda express when max goes downstairs to pick up the tickets on will call. So i figure they had it all planned since the tickets were on will call at the thater in city walk. Max comes back upstairs and hands up each a piece of paper. I assume its the movie ticket and i put it in my purse. Then max asks "Do you want your movie ticket also?" I was really confused at this point because he had just given it to me. He then tells me to read the paper he just gave me. Turns out, he actually got me a ticket to universal studios! and we were gonna go! OMG I was so excited! ok and i just wrote out the rest of this blog and my amazing story but it got deleted and didnt save. so just know, the moral of the story is i had a lot of fun today. the end

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