Sunday, March 22, 2009

I Wish

I just wish he missed me the way i miss him.
I try and distract myself but find myself constantly checking my phone for txts or missed calls from him. I dont know how to get over this. and i dont want to because i want to still be with him. I just want him to come around. Greg I miss you. Youre my best friend. I miss our late night talks and napping with the tv on and even walking in on you wearing your dorky headset. I miss it all. I miss the feeling i got when I came back from class andyou were in my room already. I miss you txting me good morning everyday and I miss going to fast food places with you and i miss our trips to target and i miss you tucking me in. I miss everything. I know you miss me too. Im not letting this go until you tell me to.

Spring break is ok. Yesterday i went out with aunt angela cheanno my mom and jesse. cheanno and jesse make me both never want children. Then at night i hung out with maxi pad and vside. We went to in n out and to see confessions of a shopaholic. Serves them right for pressuring me into picking what we do lol. Oh and Max said he could possibly get me a job with his dad this summer. Im nervous though. I know nothing about advertising lol. and it would be sad to leave the rec dept because i love them so much but I have to really start thinking about a career and my ufture and i think this will be a really good start. We will see what i have to do and how much i get paid. Anyways, KIMBO is back . i love her. i cant wait to see her at her party on saturday. I am so excited to see everyone there. wish greg were going with me :[
When we were going out i told him for the party he should be "strong man" and wear a unitard with tennis balls in the arms....he proceeded to tell me how he didnt need tennis balls....I kissed him :[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[
I miss him. Greg you are a strong man without tennis balls and would be just way too cute in a unitard lol

ok well today I am going to my grandparents house. I havent seen them in a long time so it will be good. I think they should have their own tv show. They are insane lol. Not your typical grandparetns. ok well Im gonna go shower and get ready. Bye

and basically i have had this on repeat for the past month.

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