Wednesday, March 4, 2009

I'm sure World of Warcraft will still make you happy like I did.

I hope you soon realize that all you have left now is your WOW character. I deserve better than that. How could you hurt someone so badly who you loved for so long. It doesnt make sense to me. To listen to my voice over the phone while crying and asking you to be there for me, you have the nerve to say WOW is more important. If thats the case, then i hope you and WOW are very happy. and I hope WOW buys you chipotle, and kisses you before you fall asleep, and holds your hand in the car, and plays games with you, and dances for you, and is proud of you because Im not there to do that for you any longer.I gave you a choice and you blew it, thanks for yelling at me last night. Showed me who you really are and showed me what i really deserve. I hope youre happy. I will soon be.

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