Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Life Changes.

Basically this blog of mine has been so debbie downer lately. I think i need to make a few changes in my life. i need to not sweat the small stuff (kim i need that book!) I really think i let little things get to me and ruin my mood. I think i need to start doing things on my own. Instead of complaining that ihave nothing to do, then going out and finding something to do. I dont know. Anways. my bestie comes back soooooon! I cant wait for her birthday where i can see both besties! at the same time! omg! bestie overload!! awesome. I love them. Kimbo i got my mime costume. Its kinda.....risque. im nervous. i want your opinion on it. Anyways. Cant wait to see you!

now, for greg and i.
We, i believe, are going to get back together. He just wants me to be happy. I think if i make my life changes i will be happy. I want to be happy with him. Hes so perfect for me. Like we have so much fun together when i dont bring down the mood or get in an arguement over something stupid. Anways last nigt we went to panda express and his fortune cookie said something like "you will take a risk on a desicion you have been needing to make" WOW CREEEEEPY
THEN! mine said "a wish will be granted soon" WTF. haha we were laughing so hard. because it was so weird. Well, Im gonna go study for the midterm i should have studied for yesterday lol.
Bye. and ILOVE YOU!

***one thing i wanna do before i die-have the ULTIMATE food fight.


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  2. what was the comment that was removed?!
    I miss you,
    I am glad that you keep up on the blogging cause it makes me feel like we are still close and all ok see you soon