Saturday, April 11, 2009


So I have some good news. Greg and I have been back together now since the 22nd. He asked me out again and i couldnt be happier. So let me update you a little bit on how my life has been since then. School is getting so intense. I have about 3 20 page papers due 4 group projects essays homeworks exams ughhh its getting hard. I cant wait for the semester to be over. Oh! and i got a new job too. Max's dad hired me at his advertising company. I am basically going to be a crazy insane baller this summer. He said he could get me a salary by summer! woah.! lol and that job will also count as an internship at school so i am so excited i get to get paid while get school credit for it. Man, one more year of collge is so scary to think about, but i feel like i am heading inthe right direction with this new job. It will look great on resumes when I start applying at production companies in LA. Max's dad said he knows a lot of people too so im sure he could hook me up with some connections. Its exciting. I made my schedule of classes for next semester. 21 units. ew. yea. lets see what i have
-Business Drug Discovery
-Business Statistics
-Intro to Marketing
-history of business
-and the internship class

Im going to die! haha thats so crazy. Im taking 18 units this semester and i feel like its a huge workload. Well we will see how it turns out.

so now lets talk about greg and i. Hes so cute. I just love him
we havent had a lot of time to really just hang out because of school and now easter and everything but i hope in the summer ill have a car that runs and i can visit him and he can visit me. I really want to become closer with his family and i want my family to get to know him. Long distance relationships are so hard. i feel like i am missing out on knowing a HUGE part of his life. but i am excited about getting to know them better. Anyways, til next time. <3

**One thing i want to do before i die- receive a room full of flowers.

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