Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Its not hard to do something special

yet, it would shock me for him to even answer the phone.

i use to say i feel alone in a crowded room. Now there is no crowd. just loneliness. I only need one person to be here to make me feel complete. Sure, watch your baseball and do your homework, go to bars and drink, but why not call me to tell me you miss me? maybe im asking for too much. Maybe hes just not that into me anymore. what can i do? have any advice?
everyone seems to get what they want. not me. never really. i always thought good things happen to good people. maybe my day hasnt come yet. i have to remind myself that things will get better for me. I will be with people i love and with people who love me back. im sick of this scene. im sick of being talked about because of choices i make. im sick of feeling unloved by people who claim to love me the most. im thankful yet i cant help but be so sad. sad that i cant convince him to spend the night with me over going to a bar. ok. im done.

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