Friday, May 1, 2009


I am so just fed up with all of this shit. i hate stupid bitches who do shit to just be bitches. i hate girls
i hate boys
i fucking hate this shit. im so much better than all this. cant wait until summer. hopefully ill meet some decent people. I just dont understand why the fuck she has to say shit to him. she never said anything to him before, now all of a sudden she sparks a fucking interest in him? fuck that
whatever its him too, never invites me although I'm his "best friend" ha yea ok. cause i really believe that. i dont understand what hes thinking, when hes sitting htere at a party at his house with her sitting by his side instead of me. what the fuck is going through your head. makes me sick. the idea of any other girl by his side. ugh fuck ew. whatever i hope she knows that he has no interest in her. and if he does, then fucking have fun with that shit, so gross. if you need time to figure stuff out, does that really require you to get drunk with stupid bitches who are constantly on top of you? does it? i dont think so. how would you feel if i was getting drunk late at night with a guy. i dont think youd like it much. but who fucking cares. we're not together so dont worry about me. dont worry about me at all. Ill be fine, its you who has to worry about finding someone who will never be better than me,.in any way.

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