Saturday, June 27, 2009

BLOG Vomit

Basically, a lot has been going on. On tuesday Chris took me to Mammoth to stay at his family's cabin they have up there.It was so much fun. the first night we went to a look out spot and just looked at all of mammoth then he made me steak and salad for dinner which was delicious. Then on wednesday we went hiking and fishing at horseshoe lake, and we also went to see a waterfall. Then we went to a hot spring which chris said was usually crowded but there was no one person there and it was sooo beautfiul because it was like this random hot spring in the middle of now where and we were surrounded by mountains and it was just really pretty. Then later that night we put a matress ouside and watched the stars i the deck outside. we saw shooting stars and they were HUGE. Oh and that morning while, chris was gone on his ride, i went downstairs to watch some seinfeld and he left me a little note on the counter it was adorableeee it said how he loved being there with me and how he wanted to stay and extra night.; then he came back from his ride with hot cocoa for me. and i decieded i wanted to stay an extrta night so i could meet his cousins. thenon thursday around like 11 we went kayaking and the weather was perfect and i got burnt but i am tan now. and so i met his cousins and they are so sweet! i really liked them both. chris is leaving on tuesday for Massachusetts whcih sucks but he will only be gone for a week. I hope he does well in his race. lets see, on the 4th of july im going to eddie greg and drews new house and i am so excited to see it and i am excited becaus ei love 4th of july and i love hot dogs and i loveeeeee fireworks. and then! on the 5th , we are going white water river rafting which i am superrr nervous about but excited too. fuck i am rambling so much. anyways. IM STARVING i want carls jr. so badly. well im gonna go to sleep. night

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