Wednesday, June 10, 2009

really hard night.

greg txted me today. all these things he had been saying made me see a change in him and i had to give him another chance. he drove down the second i said he could which is what i always wanted him to do. he was saying all the right things, everything i always wanted to hear from him, so why didnt i feel head over heels? i wanted to so badly. i called chris and told him i could only be his friend. i told him this because i wanted to be in love with greg so badly. but i couldnt. watching greg cry for hours is the hardest thing in the world to do. i never wanted to hurt him, i wanted to love him. i never wanted it to end like this. Im so sorry.


  1. Hey, it's no fault of yours. You did your part. I hate it when guys think you're ALWAYS going to be there regardless of the bullshit they give you. Doesn't work that way. You tried. Maybe in the future it will happen. Just don't shut out other oppurtunities for happiness because of him.

  2. Who is this "tiff"? wtf is that, T I F F, I am supposed to be leaving comments. This is my comment area and I claim it

  3. lol kim, i allow others to leave their opinions as well! lol