Friday, July 31, 2009

One Day!

So Chris comes home tomorrow. I cant wait to run over to him and give him a big hug and kiss. This next week will probably be the best week of summer ever. Im so excited! SO SO excited! Nothing more to say other than that. :]

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Oh Baby!

Shiiiit I'm so excited for life and happy and excited. lol did i mention im excited? like, really. so today i had pretty much my last day of work for summer withthe exception of 2 days in the last week of summer. I was so excited. the day was kind of long but it could have been work. I was sad i couldnt talk to chris all day cause he was racing. He makes me so happy its ridiculous! lol Can't wait. only 2 days TWO DAYSSS! so rad. oh, and after work i went to get gas and the gas cashier hit on me lol. I was using my card outside and it said go see cashier so i went in and i was like " it said to seethe cashier" and he was like "yea..i did that on purpose.." i was like "heh.....eck.." and he continued to ask me about my day and eck. and then i met my mom dad and brother at carrows because we were celebrating joe passing the test to be a personal trainer! so awesome he finally passed. i hope h gets a job soon lol. tomorrow i get new glasses, im stoked. i really want colored frames, maybe purple or a dark olive green or something. we'll see what kind of selection they have. hmm what else. um, honestly i only wanna talk about Chris. what a cutie. Im really lucky, so incredibly lucky. ok well goodnight, you!


**8one thing i want to do before i die-do a Chinese fire drill on a freeway/highway.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Oh Snap. kind of pointless.

I miss Chris. so bad. its been 8 days since Ive seen him. Its horrible. but I am beyond excited to see him this saturday. Im happy i get to go with chance to pick him up from the airport. Im staying the night at his house on saturday night and he's gonna make me deep fried french toast! yum! i misssss himmmmmm ughhhhh. i just want to be with him always lol. it will be hard to not see him for 50 days but i know we will make it. we will both be so busy that time will fly by, i hope. I can't wait to see (500) days of summer. So excited. Ive heard good things about it, and it seems like my type of movie. Its "not a lovestory, but a story about love" Love it. Maybe Chris and I will see it in Santa Monica. Thatd be so fun. and then we can go on the ferris wheel with the whole city lit up. Sounds amazing.

So i missed work today. I was dyinggg from cramps which sucks but hopefully tmro will be better. the day goes by so much faster at work. so hopefully this week goes by fast and saturday gets here quicklyyyy!

man im running out of things to say in these blogs!
I guess Ill go now.

**one thing i want to do before i die-visit all 50 states.

Fuck You,

mother nature.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Just some thoughts and updates

Man, I hate this! I dont get to see Chris for another week. and it is so hard. I miss him like craZy. He's so sweet though. we skype pretty much everynight but i get kind of mad when he has to leave but he has to go to sleep so he can race. and ill txt him like "no goodnight txt, fine. :\" and i know im being a brat but i just want one and so i did that last night and he called me and he was like i was brushing my teeth, but im constantly thinking about you. I have to start realizing that he really likes me because he really spends all of his extra time talking to me. i think its so precious that he always calls me to make sure im ok and not upset even a little bit.

i went shopping today, i bought a shirt a tube top a dress 2 flowers for my hair slip slops and i got my eyebrows done which was all awesome! i love shopping lol i cant wait til i have like a career and i can afford more stuff haha. ive been so excited for the future. i was talking to chris about when he gets back from europe in october, and i was telling him how im so excited to cook dinner with him and have sleepovers and just everything that will be amazing and he said the cutest thing he said "I love how you plan your future with me in it" and that just melted my heart, greg hated when i would plan even a week in advance. I told chris i was a cat named Maru and a dog named Lucy and he said "someday we can get that" he's just perfect. i see this going far and im excited for everything.

after i went shopping i went to Marias moms house with maria to have an early dinner and roy, maria's mom's boyfriend, could not stop talking about chris lol. Roy is a cyclist also so he was thrilled i was dating chris lol. he asked me sooooo many questions i had no idea the answers to. but he had heard from fellow cyclist in ojai that chris is an amazing guy, which i knew already! im just so proud to call him my boyfriend. i literally just wanna talk about him or to him all day long lol. we are going camping on the 2nd. camping on the beach. so excited! and i get to go with Chance to pick him up from the airport. im really really falling for him. i cant wait to just be with him again. so excited. so happy. oh! and when he gets back hes gonna make me deep fried banana bread french toast. doesnt that sound soooo good?! oh man, yum well im rambling, so im gonna go lol bye :]]

***one thing i wanna do before i die- see Niagara Falls

ps- i have over 1,100 views...who reads this? lol I love you if you do <3

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Last Day

ok, so, today is the last day i get to see chris until the 1st :[
Im so excited for him though. he is racing in Oregon at the nationals. I know he'll do great. I wish i could go. His family invited me to drive up with them but i have work. ugh. i wish i could get it covered but getting 4 days covered is NOT easy. When he gets back we are going camping at the beach with kim john and Chase and possibly nichole and ben. It will be so fun. We are gonna go fishing off the pier and actually camp under the stars this time lol. and more hot dogs and smores! yum!

yesterday we wanted to go camp to two trees in Ventura but couldnt find how to get onto the property because its private. so we hiked at Arroyo Verde Park instead. he thinks we hiked like 2 miles but it just didnt seem that far. we were pretty much climbing straight up a mountain it was ridiculous lol we had to climb over a fence to get back into the park and chris helped me over it was cute. then we laid on the grass and ate sandwiches he made. afterwards, being the fatasses we are, we went to the habit for some more food lol. i always finish eating before him. i need to start eating slower beucase i get so full so quickly i hate it. then we tried for a 3rd time to rent pee wees big adventure but no one has it. so lame! Chris neeeeds to see that movie. then we went to his house and watched waiting lol because we dont have the attention span to watch gran torino. he is picking me up in about half an hour so we can have a daytime sleepover. i am so happy. so incredibly happy.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

One Month

So it was Chris and my one monther yesterday and it was amazing from start to finish. he picked me up at my house and gave me a single pink rose he picked from the garden. it was beautiful and adorable that he picked it himself. we had to go back to his house cause he forgot something and then we were off! he had a cooler packed with hot dogs and i was so excited. we went shopping for nicholes gift and i just have so much fun with him. he could care less who is watching us but he swing me around and plays with my hair and kisses me in the middle of the aisle! i love it! and then we went to the state park and he set up this whole picnic and it was so cute he started pulling placemats out and glass plates and then he pulled out champagne glasses out and we had cherry coke in champagne glasses. after a lovely picnic we went in the car and he said i have one more thing for you and he pulled out a boxand i opened it and it was a chocolate fugde poptart and under it was a beautiful heart necklace and it was so sweet that he went and picked it out for me. for our one month. i dunno hes just when we kiss we do like a million kisses at a time but we are like smiling the whole time its so funny. so then after that we went back to his house and talked with his family and little then watched jeux d'enfants which is one of my favorite movies ever and he loved it as much as i did and i love that he knows french because he teaches me words. its awesome. it was so hard leaving him last night, i just wanted to stay there forever with him. this morning he called me at like 9 and asked if he could see me once he dropped off his bike to be fixed. he got here around 10 and i was so gross but he said i was beautiful. yea right. but we hung out and i taught him how to read guitar tabs and he serenaded me lol. but he had to leave at like 5 because he needed to ride for 5 hours. i cant wait to see him tomorrow. im so happy. never thought id be so happy. its an amazing feeling. today he was looking at me and i said "what are you doing, youre laughing at me" and he said "no...Im appreciating you" that was so amazing. i cant complain not one bit about him. i have nothing to complain about. hes perfect. everything ive always wanted and everything i need. Im so happy. i cant wait for the months to come :]]

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

So fun and So happy

Amazing, this is amazing. Chris is amazing. life is amazing. he tries to make every second we are together special. its adorable. The other day he asked if i wanted to see bruno. After the movie, instead of just being bored and going home we went to walk at the beach. we then explored the hotel that use to be the holiday inn. we went all the way up to the top and snuck into a banquet room and had an amazing view. He just held me as we watched ppl from below. then we wanted to take the stairs all the way down and it was fun, we would chase eachother and he would want me near him, it was adorable. then we walked on the beach to look at a seal that was on the beach. it wasnt dead it was adorable. then we went back to his house and his dad bought us sushi and we had dinner with his dad. his parents love me which makes me so happy. yesterday Chris and i went to the beach after his ride. we spent 4 hours just lying in the sand together. i got soooo burnt! ugh. but it was so funny. everytime we tried leaving he would pull me back down to sit in his lap in the sand. we wrestled in the sand and was almost able to push chris into the water. it waa hilarious. so cute. i love that he ist afraid to be playful with me in public. he said he wants to show off how cute i am :] god hes so cute. we went back to his house and he made me a steak salad which was delicious. then we watched the craft and cuddled all night. his parents let me stay the night there which was awesome. they are so nice. tomorrow is our one monthiversary and chris said he has been thinking about what he wants to do for it. im curious to see what he comes up with. Soph called me today and aske me if i would work tmro morning so i said yes. it will pass the time tmro while chris is on his ride. so excited for everything right now. i love the direction life is going. woo!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Life and Vlogging

So the other day Chris and I celebrated 4th of july together on the 7th since he wasnt here on the 4th. We made homemade ice cream, made a campfire, cooked hot dogs and smores and played apples to apples with his family. oh and his mom bought us extra fireworks so his sister and her bf put on a fireworks show for us. it was really fun. we slept out on the hammock at night but it got uncomfortable at 2am so we just went inside and slept. it was nice waking up with him at like 8 and we just kissed and played and tickled and it was just fun spending the morning in our pjs together. but then we had to go cause i was going to hang out with steph and dia later on in the day. So i was driving to camarillo to meet them and my car started shaking reallllllllly bad on the freeway. i freaked out so bad i had to get off as soon as i could. i parked in chiipotle parking lot and called them to see if theyd pick me up. but they didnt feel like driving the extra 15 min to come hang out with me...awesome. i called chris and greg and was almost crying to both of them. so dumb. Chris wanted to come pick me up but i thought iwas unnecessary. he stayed on the phone with me while i drove the back roads home. i made sure to stop at carls jr for a milkshake so my trip wasnt completely pointless lol. so lame. then chris came over later that night and we watched some home videos of myself lol. yesterday he took me on a date. we went to see the hangover and got the habit afterwords. tha hangover was hilarioussssss lol i loved it. ohh and the habit was so good. Chris, knowing how much i hate flying things, thought it would be hilarious to feed the pigeons lol. they got so close and he threw a fry under my chair and i freaked lol it was so funny. after that he came over to my house and we just hung out we had sooo much fun. hes adorable. and he is just incredibly sexy lol its ridiculous. i love how playful he is. we have so much fun lol. so today i am going swimming with cheanno in their kiddy pool lol. i hope they dont pee in it eck. and then chris and i will hang out again after his ride. i told him to ride early today so he left at like 10. should be done around 3 which is perfect.

oh! about my vlog! i almost forgot lol. im gonna start vlogging on youtube and part of my vlog will be me doing things that are on my list of things i wanna do before i die. and then rest will be me rambling on about random crap going on. telling stories, and maybe a couple of tutorials. but i dont know what i want my youtube name to be. have any suggestions? comment me if you have any ideas! im gonna go downstairs. bye <3

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Finally Happy. wow.

Its incredible to be at this point again. No more nights of crying. no more car rides with random breakdowns. just laughing and loving life again. I miss Chris. He is racing in Massachusetts until monday. He's going to win i bet, cause hes amazing :]
we have so much fun together. we dont stop laughing. we cant even watch movies or tv because all we do is talk. I still have no idea what happened during "yes man" lol
he is so sweet. when he gets back we are gonna have our own little fourth of july because he knows its my fav holiday and he was sad that he had to miss it. he wanted to do it on the night he gets back from Mass but i want him to be well rested so we are doing it on tuesday. We are gonna set up cots in his huge backyard and camp under the stars and roast hot dogs and make s'mores. and he had his mom buy some extra fireworks for us so we will have those too. omg i am so excited for that! oh and this weekend is gonna be amazing. i am working today til 6 then tmro morning i am finishing my grandpas book and then heading over to camarillo to hang out with greg drew and eddie and maybe anne if she is there. Im excited to see evryone. it has been way too long. then saturday we might go to ventura for some street fair. and ltos of hot dogs!!! then sunday is MAGIC MOUNTAIN! i am way excited. last time i went was senior ditch day. geez that was a long time ago. im surprised our group of friends in college havent gone yet. 3 years and have never dnoe a trip there. weird, maybe everyone was too busy getting wasted, fuck they're cool... haha
i cannot wait for chris to get back. he was also thinking we might head up to mammoth again. thatd be fun. i loved spending time with him there. so happy :]]

ok so i tried posting this this morning but it wasnt letting me so i copied it so i could post it now. so i guess i will tell you how my day went.
work was dfljkdshfa lame. as always. oh but Toby (my aunts dog which ive been dogstting for) was actually nice to me today. hes usually the devil, but he let m pick him up and everything. yea so work was ok, Russell is such a jerk to me sometimes. he said i looked like a salsa dancer today. whatever. and maria can be a brat sometimes cause she liek talks crap to him about me and they have a good laugh. eck, anyways. oh! so Chris got 23rd in the time trial today which he wasnt too happy about but thats out of 170 riders! which i thought was pretty amazing to get 23rd. He hasnt raced in over a month tho so he thinks that might have something to do with it. man, im exhuasted from today. aunt angela cheanno and jesse got back from their ny/florida trip. aunt angela got me a neclace from my cousins jewelry party thing. it was nice of her.
oh so tmro im gonna be gregs twin. it will be funny. ok well im falling asleep night.