Thursday, July 2, 2009

Finally Happy. wow.

Its incredible to be at this point again. No more nights of crying. no more car rides with random breakdowns. just laughing and loving life again. I miss Chris. He is racing in Massachusetts until monday. He's going to win i bet, cause hes amazing :]
we have so much fun together. we dont stop laughing. we cant even watch movies or tv because all we do is talk. I still have no idea what happened during "yes man" lol
he is so sweet. when he gets back we are gonna have our own little fourth of july because he knows its my fav holiday and he was sad that he had to miss it. he wanted to do it on the night he gets back from Mass but i want him to be well rested so we are doing it on tuesday. We are gonna set up cots in his huge backyard and camp under the stars and roast hot dogs and make s'mores. and he had his mom buy some extra fireworks for us so we will have those too. omg i am so excited for that! oh and this weekend is gonna be amazing. i am working today til 6 then tmro morning i am finishing my grandpas book and then heading over to camarillo to hang out with greg drew and eddie and maybe anne if she is there. Im excited to see evryone. it has been way too long. then saturday we might go to ventura for some street fair. and ltos of hot dogs!!! then sunday is MAGIC MOUNTAIN! i am way excited. last time i went was senior ditch day. geez that was a long time ago. im surprised our group of friends in college havent gone yet. 3 years and have never dnoe a trip there. weird, maybe everyone was too busy getting wasted, fuck they're cool... haha
i cannot wait for chris to get back. he was also thinking we might head up to mammoth again. thatd be fun. i loved spending time with him there. so happy :]]

ok so i tried posting this this morning but it wasnt letting me so i copied it so i could post it now. so i guess i will tell you how my day went.
work was dfljkdshfa lame. as always. oh but Toby (my aunts dog which ive been dogstting for) was actually nice to me today. hes usually the devil, but he let m pick him up and everything. yea so work was ok, Russell is such a jerk to me sometimes. he said i looked like a salsa dancer today. whatever. and maria can be a brat sometimes cause she liek talks crap to him about me and they have a good laugh. eck, anyways. oh! so Chris got 23rd in the time trial today which he wasnt too happy about but thats out of 170 riders! which i thought was pretty amazing to get 23rd. He hasnt raced in over a month tho so he thinks that might have something to do with it. man, im exhuasted from today. aunt angela cheanno and jesse got back from their ny/florida trip. aunt angela got me a neclace from my cousins jewelry party thing. it was nice of her.
oh so tmro im gonna be gregs twin. it will be funny. ok well im falling asleep night.

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