Saturday, July 25, 2009

Just some thoughts and updates

Man, I hate this! I dont get to see Chris for another week. and it is so hard. I miss him like craZy. He's so sweet though. we skype pretty much everynight but i get kind of mad when he has to leave but he has to go to sleep so he can race. and ill txt him like "no goodnight txt, fine. :\" and i know im being a brat but i just want one and so i did that last night and he called me and he was like i was brushing my teeth, but im constantly thinking about you. I have to start realizing that he really likes me because he really spends all of his extra time talking to me. i think its so precious that he always calls me to make sure im ok and not upset even a little bit.

i went shopping today, i bought a shirt a tube top a dress 2 flowers for my hair slip slops and i got my eyebrows done which was all awesome! i love shopping lol i cant wait til i have like a career and i can afford more stuff haha. ive been so excited for the future. i was talking to chris about when he gets back from europe in october, and i was telling him how im so excited to cook dinner with him and have sleepovers and just everything that will be amazing and he said the cutest thing he said "I love how you plan your future with me in it" and that just melted my heart, greg hated when i would plan even a week in advance. I told chris i was a cat named Maru and a dog named Lucy and he said "someday we can get that" he's just perfect. i see this going far and im excited for everything.

after i went shopping i went to Marias moms house with maria to have an early dinner and roy, maria's mom's boyfriend, could not stop talking about chris lol. Roy is a cyclist also so he was thrilled i was dating chris lol. he asked me sooooo many questions i had no idea the answers to. but he had heard from fellow cyclist in ojai that chris is an amazing guy, which i knew already! im just so proud to call him my boyfriend. i literally just wanna talk about him or to him all day long lol. we are going camping on the 2nd. camping on the beach. so excited! and i get to go with Chance to pick him up from the airport. im really really falling for him. i cant wait to just be with him again. so excited. so happy. oh! and when he gets back hes gonna make me deep fried banana bread french toast. doesnt that sound soooo good?! oh man, yum well im rambling, so im gonna go lol bye :]]

***one thing i wanna do before i die- see Niagara Falls

ps- i have over 1,100 views...who reads this? lol I love you if you do <3

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