Sunday, July 19, 2009

Last Day

ok, so, today is the last day i get to see chris until the 1st :[
Im so excited for him though. he is racing in Oregon at the nationals. I know he'll do great. I wish i could go. His family invited me to drive up with them but i have work. ugh. i wish i could get it covered but getting 4 days covered is NOT easy. When he gets back we are going camping at the beach with kim john and Chase and possibly nichole and ben. It will be so fun. We are gonna go fishing off the pier and actually camp under the stars this time lol. and more hot dogs and smores! yum!

yesterday we wanted to go camp to two trees in Ventura but couldnt find how to get onto the property because its private. so we hiked at Arroyo Verde Park instead. he thinks we hiked like 2 miles but it just didnt seem that far. we were pretty much climbing straight up a mountain it was ridiculous lol we had to climb over a fence to get back into the park and chris helped me over it was cute. then we laid on the grass and ate sandwiches he made. afterwards, being the fatasses we are, we went to the habit for some more food lol. i always finish eating before him. i need to start eating slower beucase i get so full so quickly i hate it. then we tried for a 3rd time to rent pee wees big adventure but no one has it. so lame! Chris neeeeds to see that movie. then we went to his house and watched waiting lol because we dont have the attention span to watch gran torino. he is picking me up in about half an hour so we can have a daytime sleepover. i am so happy. so incredibly happy.

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