Friday, July 10, 2009

Life and Vlogging

So the other day Chris and I celebrated 4th of july together on the 7th since he wasnt here on the 4th. We made homemade ice cream, made a campfire, cooked hot dogs and smores and played apples to apples with his family. oh and his mom bought us extra fireworks so his sister and her bf put on a fireworks show for us. it was really fun. we slept out on the hammock at night but it got uncomfortable at 2am so we just went inside and slept. it was nice waking up with him at like 8 and we just kissed and played and tickled and it was just fun spending the morning in our pjs together. but then we had to go cause i was going to hang out with steph and dia later on in the day. So i was driving to camarillo to meet them and my car started shaking reallllllllly bad on the freeway. i freaked out so bad i had to get off as soon as i could. i parked in chiipotle parking lot and called them to see if theyd pick me up. but they didnt feel like driving the extra 15 min to come hang out with me...awesome. i called chris and greg and was almost crying to both of them. so dumb. Chris wanted to come pick me up but i thought iwas unnecessary. he stayed on the phone with me while i drove the back roads home. i made sure to stop at carls jr for a milkshake so my trip wasnt completely pointless lol. so lame. then chris came over later that night and we watched some home videos of myself lol. yesterday he took me on a date. we went to see the hangover and got the habit afterwords. tha hangover was hilarioussssss lol i loved it. ohh and the habit was so good. Chris, knowing how much i hate flying things, thought it would be hilarious to feed the pigeons lol. they got so close and he threw a fry under my chair and i freaked lol it was so funny. after that he came over to my house and we just hung out we had sooo much fun. hes adorable. and he is just incredibly sexy lol its ridiculous. i love how playful he is. we have so much fun lol. so today i am going swimming with cheanno in their kiddy pool lol. i hope they dont pee in it eck. and then chris and i will hang out again after his ride. i told him to ride early today so he left at like 10. should be done around 3 which is perfect.

oh! about my vlog! i almost forgot lol. im gonna start vlogging on youtube and part of my vlog will be me doing things that are on my list of things i wanna do before i die. and then rest will be me rambling on about random crap going on. telling stories, and maybe a couple of tutorials. but i dont know what i want my youtube name to be. have any suggestions? comment me if you have any ideas! im gonna go downstairs. bye <3

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  1. Use the same name as your blog. You also posted at 11:11!