Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Oh Baby!

Shiiiit I'm so excited for life and happy and excited. lol did i mention im excited? like, really. so today i had pretty much my last day of work for summer withthe exception of 2 days in the last week of summer. I was so excited. the day was kind of long but it could have been work. I was sad i couldnt talk to chris all day cause he was racing. He makes me so happy its ridiculous! lol Can't wait. only 2 days TWO DAYSSS! so rad. oh, and after work i went to get gas and the gas cashier hit on me lol. I was using my card outside and it said go see cashier so i went in and i was like " it said to seethe cashier" and he was like "yea..i did that on purpose.." i was like "heh.....eck.." and he continued to ask me about my day and eck. and then i met my mom dad and brother at carrows because we were celebrating joe passing the test to be a personal trainer! so awesome he finally passed. i hope h gets a job soon lol. tomorrow i get new glasses, im stoked. i really want colored frames, maybe purple or a dark olive green or something. we'll see what kind of selection they have. hmm what else. um, honestly i only wanna talk about Chris. what a cutie. Im really lucky, so incredibly lucky. ok well goodnight, you!


**8one thing i want to do before i die-do a Chinese fire drill on a freeway/highway.

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