Monday, July 27, 2009

Oh Snap. kind of pointless.

I miss Chris. so bad. its been 8 days since Ive seen him. Its horrible. but I am beyond excited to see him this saturday. Im happy i get to go with chance to pick him up from the airport. Im staying the night at his house on saturday night and he's gonna make me deep fried french toast! yum! i misssss himmmmmm ughhhhh. i just want to be with him always lol. it will be hard to not see him for 50 days but i know we will make it. we will both be so busy that time will fly by, i hope. I can't wait to see (500) days of summer. So excited. Ive heard good things about it, and it seems like my type of movie. Its "not a lovestory, but a story about love" Love it. Maybe Chris and I will see it in Santa Monica. Thatd be so fun. and then we can go on the ferris wheel with the whole city lit up. Sounds amazing.

So i missed work today. I was dyinggg from cramps which sucks but hopefully tmro will be better. the day goes by so much faster at work. so hopefully this week goes by fast and saturday gets here quicklyyyy!

man im running out of things to say in these blogs!
I guess Ill go now.

**one thing i want to do before i die-visit all 50 states.

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