Thursday, July 16, 2009

One Month

So it was Chris and my one monther yesterday and it was amazing from start to finish. he picked me up at my house and gave me a single pink rose he picked from the garden. it was beautiful and adorable that he picked it himself. we had to go back to his house cause he forgot something and then we were off! he had a cooler packed with hot dogs and i was so excited. we went shopping for nicholes gift and i just have so much fun with him. he could care less who is watching us but he swing me around and plays with my hair and kisses me in the middle of the aisle! i love it! and then we went to the state park and he set up this whole picnic and it was so cute he started pulling placemats out and glass plates and then he pulled out champagne glasses out and we had cherry coke in champagne glasses. after a lovely picnic we went in the car and he said i have one more thing for you and he pulled out a boxand i opened it and it was a chocolate fugde poptart and under it was a beautiful heart necklace and it was so sweet that he went and picked it out for me. for our one month. i dunno hes just when we kiss we do like a million kisses at a time but we are like smiling the whole time its so funny. so then after that we went back to his house and talked with his family and little then watched jeux d'enfants which is one of my favorite movies ever and he loved it as much as i did and i love that he knows french because he teaches me words. its awesome. it was so hard leaving him last night, i just wanted to stay there forever with him. this morning he called me at like 9 and asked if he could see me once he dropped off his bike to be fixed. he got here around 10 and i was so gross but he said i was beautiful. yea right. but we hung out and i taught him how to read guitar tabs and he serenaded me lol. but he had to leave at like 5 because he needed to ride for 5 hours. i cant wait to see him tomorrow. im so happy. never thought id be so happy. its an amazing feeling. today he was looking at me and i said "what are you doing, youre laughing at me" and he said "no...Im appreciating you" that was so amazing. i cant complain not one bit about him. i have nothing to complain about. hes perfect. everything ive always wanted and everything i need. Im so happy. i cant wait for the months to come :]]

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