Tuesday, July 14, 2009

So fun and So happy

Amazing, this is amazing. Chris is amazing. life is amazing. he tries to make every second we are together special. its adorable. The other day he asked if i wanted to see bruno. After the movie, instead of just being bored and going home we went to walk at the beach. we then explored the hotel that use to be the holiday inn. we went all the way up to the top and snuck into a banquet room and had an amazing view. He just held me as we watched ppl from below. then we wanted to take the stairs all the way down and it was fun, we would chase eachother and he would want me near him, it was adorable. then we walked on the beach to look at a seal that was on the beach. it wasnt dead it was adorable. then we went back to his house and his dad bought us sushi and we had dinner with his dad. his parents love me which makes me so happy. yesterday Chris and i went to the beach after his ride. we spent 4 hours just lying in the sand together. i got soooo burnt! ugh. but it was so funny. everytime we tried leaving he would pull me back down to sit in his lap in the sand. we wrestled in the sand and was almost able to push chris into the water. it waa hilarious. so cute. i love that he ist afraid to be playful with me in public. he said he wants to show off how cute i am :] god hes so cute. we went back to his house and he made me a steak salad which was delicious. then we watched the craft and cuddled all night. his parents let me stay the night there which was awesome. they are so nice. tomorrow is our one monthiversary and chris said he has been thinking about what he wants to do for it. im curious to see what he comes up with. Soph called me today and aske me if i would work tmro morning so i said yes. it will pass the time tmro while chris is on his ride. so excited for everything right now. i love the direction life is going. woo!

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