Saturday, August 22, 2009

All moved in

So I moved in today to the dorms. It was stressful but greg was there to help me which was SOOOOO helpful. I was reallly happy he did that for me. I think i kind of had high hopes for this move in. I thought steph and i would be stoked to be living together. she didnt even stay the night tonight! our other roomie, whom we have never ever met or talked to, has not shown up. so i am alone in this apartment which is scary and no fun. after i moved evrything in my room, we went back to gregs house for a "kickback" aka party. I really just hate parties. I dont get the fun in standing around watching people play beer pong. I dunno, maybe im just lame, but i want someone here with me who will be lame with me. Greg didnt even hang out with me the whole time. I wish i could be more like him and not care about the situation but i cant help myself. I cant wait til Chris comes back. I am so excited to just finally be back with my baby. It will be fun to have sleepovers with him. We hve so much fun doing the lamest things i love it lol and we dont just sit around and watch tv all the time. its really great. man, i am tired tho. I left the party early and got to the dorms and took a hot bath. felt soo nice! but im gonna go to sleep now. Good Night.

****-one thing i wanna do before I die- have a song written and performed just for me.

(i dont knwo if i repeat these wanna do before i die things on here so cut me some slack)

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