Saturday, August 15, 2009

The Days need to fly by!

I havent blogged in awhile so i decided to do a quick one before i go back to sleep lol. Chris left on the 9th. It sucks so bad. I really miss him. Today is our 2 monthiversary. I wish we could celebrate it together. Right now he is in Utah training and then next week he is racing inthe Tour of Utah. Then, if he does well in the Tour of Utah, he is going to Europe on the 24th. We talk on the phone and skype ever night, but once he is in europe, then we wont be able to talk on the phone and skyping withh be more difficult because of the huge time difference. Its only a month but when you like someone so much, a month seems like a year. He said he will mail me postcards but those will take probably a week to get to me. Im so excited for him to be back already and he hasnt even left the country yet! lol. I cant wait to see him when he's back. He is thinking about doing the last two Thursday night Crits in Camarillo when he is back too which would be awesome because i loved watching him train. Its extremely impressive and I like cheering him on.

I move in to the dorms on friday. Went by pretty fast.l I cant believe its move in day already. 22 possibly 23 units this semester. gonna be crazy. hope i can hack it lol. im nervous but im not super worried. lsat semester i did 18 units and i didnt think it was bad at all. i never felt super stressed out or anything. i cant believe it is my last year in college. i feel like i just got here. it makes me sick to think that after this, it all realllly begins. Im so excited for the future and Im even more excited to spend my future with Chris. Its ridiculous, we have only been together for 2 months yet i feel this insane connection with him. we can just have the best time doing nothing. We literlly spent like and hour and a half playing with cheerios last week haha. just throwing them into eachothers mouths and seeing who could catch the highest throws. he is just the most fun and everytime we hang out we just have more and more fun. each time tops the last time we hung out. i can literaly sit here all day and talk about him but i dont want to bore who ever is reading this, if anyone even does read it! lol

im so happy and im so excited for life!!!!

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