Friday, August 7, 2009


OK so lately ive been so happy. Chris has been back and we hang out everyday of course. He's so sweet. we went to see 500 days of summer in santa barbara the other day and then we went to the beach and he showed off his skim boarding skills. then we went to carls jr for a portabella mushroom burger. so good! oh man and last night was soooooo fun! Maria and I went to Camarillo to watch chris race in the thursday night chris. he won of course haha. it was amazing to watch him race. i guess he is a pro for a reason. he was like 4 minutes ahead of the rest of the group. afterwards he was talking to the other riders and he waved me to come over. so we went over there and it was so cute. he introduced me to all of his friends and he was just so proud of me. it was adorable. he wasnt embarassed or anything. he was kissing me and holding me in front of everyone. i love it. im so proud of him and im so proud to be his. today we are going to the fair! we're going with Chance, Eric and Corey. they are all of Chris' friends. theyre all really cool so the fair should be a ton of fun. deep fried twinkies! woo lol. Chris is riding right now for 5 hours. i hated having to leave him at 730 this morning. we just wanted to cuddle all morning. i love waking up to someone who showers me with kisses and tells me im beautiful. he's so sweet. wow, so happpppy!!!!! ok, im gonna go. ill update my life later.byeee

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