Thursday, August 20, 2009


I dont know how to start this blog. I think i have too many thoughts in my head to even get them in order to blog about. moving to the dorms tmro. im excited but stressed out. its so stressful. ive been packing since about 8 and its weird. finding old pictures of greg and i and finding the rough draft of the "reasons why i love you" i made for him. i started to cry. its not that i have feelings for greg like that anymore and im really happy with chris but i think its like it was such a big part of my life and its all changed now and its just weird. like that person who you share so many moments with, is now just another person and youre just another person to them. i mean greg isnt just another person to me, he was my first love first for a lot of things. and he is still my best friend. He treats me like im just another person to him though ending our phone conversations with "see ya" or "ttyl". just different i suppose, something i need to get use to. i think ive been super emotinal lately. i really miss Chris and its so hard to stay happy when he is gone and at times i dont feel like he is feeling the same way although he comletely argues against that. (ps-this blog will prolly hve a lot of typos because my nails are super long) anyways, im very stressed and very sad that Chris is gone. Sometimes, he says the sweetest things though. He is always reassuring me that things will be better than ever once he is back. he promised me like he actually said "I promise you baby, things will be better than ever once im back with you" and i love to hear that. 40 days...its just uch a long time. Its too long i think. im so tired now though. Good night, you.


***Something i wanna do before i die- gandala ride in Italy.


  1. ~hugs~

    I really like the "Something i wanna do before i die" comments. I hope you do them all.