Sunday, September 20, 2009

Its cold.

Ive been procrastinating on my finance studying and hw all day. I got some done. I am so cold. Wish Chris was here to cuddle me. I am so excited for him to get back. Things will be so amazing. Ill have that one person who wants to be with me and that one person i want to be with. I want all of my friends to meet him, but i dont know how that is going to happen. I wanna invite some people to the crit race cause i love going to them. Diana said she for sure wanted to go so that would be cool. Man, all i want to do is going to bed and be all warm in my blankets! wow, um change of subject, i just got a msg from anne saying i cause drama in her house last week and she doesnt want that in her house. um. ok. next time ill fucking just leave. im so over this. i want Chris. I want him back :[

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