Thursday, September 24, 2009

Some people are so typical

words can not express how incredibly pissed i am right now. ugh. this whole fucking week i had been asking greg if he wanted to play tennis and he always said maybe maybe maybe and last night he said probably so i was excited and now he is saying he is too tired to play but oh i guess hes not too tired to go to a fucking party. and it sucks because i guess i cant be mad because we arent together but thats still fucked up to do to someone who is supposedly your best friend. fuck that. im so pissed. greg if you are reading this then i hope you have fun getting drunk with brandy instead of playing tennis with a girl who has self respect. i just have to keep looking forward. 4 days 4 days. everything will be good in 4 days. fuck everyone else. i just need my baby. 4days.

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