Friday, September 4, 2009

Wow, this was definitely my week

So this week a lot has happened. Last week I sent in my resume to the Fitzgerald Hartley Music Co. and on Tuesday I called them to see if they recieved it and he offered me an interview the next day! So then wednesday I went and met with Jamie Hartley and he was super nice and offered me the internship at the end of the interview! iw as so excited! Then I got a 9/10 on my finance quiz and then I aced my marketing quiz. oh! and last night i made friends! i hung out with the guys from across the hall and i did it all on my own which is scary but we had fun playing wii til like 12:30 but shit its been so hot. anyways thought i would update you. oh and im going to my first day of the internship at 2! eek im nervous! ok ok byeee

one thing i want to do before i die-Own a house

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