Saturday, November 28, 2009

Deleted. and Pirate Radio

So i officially deleted the bookmark to Gregs xanga. no need to read it anymore. not interesting to read a blog that belongs to a typical tool. you have become what youve always hated. Grats.

I just got back from the movies with Chris, his sister, cousin, aunt, and mom. It was fun. I really love his sister and his cousin. His family makes me feel so comfortable and welcomed. we saw Pirate Radio., That movie is incredible. I loved every second of it. I wanted it to keep going. and the music was awesome as well. loved it!

I am so tired now though from camping. Back to school tomorrow. Can't wait for winter break so i can be with Chris all day everyday. night!

-something i wanna do before I die-go to a light festival in thailand,

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