Saturday, November 28, 2009

I was really roughing it

So i just got back from camping at rose valley last night. It was so fun. When we got there, we thought all the sites were taken up but there was one left an it was the best one cause it was hidden away from everyone else. we set up camp and hiked to the waterfall. when we got there, there were a couple families so we just sat and ate our sandwiches and waited for them to leave. when they left, Chris showed me a cave that was hidden behind the waterfall. it was so cool. you can like crawl in the cave and climb up to the top of the waterfall. it was so fun. when we got back to camp we took another hike up a really steep hill. chris let me old onto his butt pockets so i wouldnt fall down the hill haha and that was actually really helpful. the view wasnt bad either ;) lol he is so cute. We hung out at the top of the hill for a while til it almost got dark and we decided to build a fire. he roasted hot dogs and ate bananas. then we got in the tent at like 7pm. It was so early but we didnt know because we didnt have our phones or anything. we cuddled in the sleeping bag and told secrets lol. in the middle of the night i got soooooooooooooooo cold like ice cold. chris gave me more blankets and i fell asleep. i had to pee so bad all night tho and i didnt wanna wake him up to walk me all the way to the bathroom so iheld it...bad idea. by the monring time like 5am. i couldnt hold it anymore so i told Chris. without me even asking, he offered to walk me to the bathroom in the freezing cold. he had his jacket ready to put it on me so i wouldnt be cold when we walked there. we didnt fall back asleep but jjust cuddled. i probably looked so haggard but all he could tell me was how beautiful i am and how lucky he is. But i am the lucky one. to get a guy that every girl dreams of. he held me and i fell asleep on his chest. i was so perfectly warm and cozy when he wwhispered in my ears telling me he was gonna clean up everything outside so i didnt have to and i could sleep. he put all the sleeping bags on me and i was soo warm. once he finished cleaning he came in the tent and brought me some food. we ate apples oranges craisins almonds and turkey lol. it was good. i love him so much. i am the luckiest girl in the world. really.

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