Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Roller Coaster of Emotions.

Hmmm well i have no clue where to start. Life is amazing on one hand and horrible on another. Chris and I fall more and more in love by the second. I really think he is the one and we talk about moving in together at the end of the school year. I think that would be so amazing to live with him. He is perfect. We have so much fun together and he cares so much about me and appreciates every single thing about our relationship. I am so in love with him and I am the luckiest girl inthe world because of him and he makes me so so happy......and then there is the down side to my life. Basically all of thepeople who use to be my friends, are not. But im starting to realize I deserve better than them. I deserve a group of friends who want me to come along and people who do not talk bad about me behind my back. They all went to Vegas. Diana, Judy, and steph were the only onesw ho cared that I was not going. Everyone else could give a shit. When I heard Greg went i basically wanted to punch him so hard. He has changed so much. and I am so incredibly happy I moved on from him. I would be miserable if I were with him still and I thank God every day that I was not stupid and followed my heart. I knew I deserved better and I got it. He can have fun with trash....he'll never find someone as amazing as me and if he does, hopefully he treats her how she deserves. All those other people who use to be my friends, I'm over it. I will start new friendships. I am excited for my life and can't wait to graduate and meet more people and get out of camarillo. FUck all ofyou people who don';t appreciate the freindship i give you. I have true friends who care about me. And I know youre reading this...You knw who you are...I want to just tell you, No one has ever hurt me like you have....but karma is a BITCH. oh and P.S.- I hear its hard to remove blue glitter eyeshadow from shirts...gagme.
Now, big change of subject. Chris's dad and mom invited me to thanksgiving dinner at their house. I am so nervous. I want to bring a dessert or something so I'm not showing up empty handed but i am a horrible baker! I am attempting to make cookie bars and I did a test run of them a few minutes ago and they are not looking too good lol. So i might have to scratch that whole idea. Anyways, I love Chris. and I talk about him basically non stop. I got so fucking lucky. He is just PERFECT PERFET PERFECT for me. I guess you have to go through the rotten apples to get the good ones! And I think I got the best!

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