Thursday, November 26, 2009

Upgrade. Giving Thanks.

So I remember a time when i thought what i wanted in a boyfriend was someone to cook laugh dance etc with me. I remember wanting those things when i was with greg and telling him and myself that i could deal with the fact that he didnt do any of those things. Its insane the difference between greg and Chris. It shocks me i stayed so long with Greg after knowing how i should really be treated. Like, he didnt want to do anything ever. just sit, watch tv, do nothing. Chris is so full of life so fun and so appreciative. He loves everything i do. he tells me I'm beautiful without me hinting or having to ask if i look ok. i see myself getting married to him. We talk about our future together and he wants to live with me when we graduate. Greg never wanted to live with me. His loss. It was all completely his loss. I look at greg now, I get disgusted because he is just comformed to be like all those other guys. He lost his true self. and thats too bad. I'm going camping with Chris tomorrow! We are going to Rose valley. I am very excited. So spur of the moment always. He is so amazing. When we get our own place together, we are gonna have 2 dogs and 2 cats. the dogs will be lucy and spamoni and the cats will be Maru and Mimisiku. So excited :]

So, Its thanksgiving. I am thankful for my family. Even though they are all crazy and i get so frustrated by them, i still love them all so much and they support me so much and i am so thankful for that.

Im thankful for Chris. For being my everything. For being there when I am so sad. and for being the one to make me so so happy. For kissing my tears away and dancing with me in public. For being as cute as he is. For going on bike rides with me and for bringing out a side of me i never knew i had. For showing me how to live life and for living it with me. I love you baby. forever and always.

Im thankful for my best friends Kim Nichole Julie and Vince. you guys have been with me for so long. You are all there for me whenever i need someone to talk to and you dont judge me and you accept me for who i am. I can trust you all and I love you guys for that.

I am thankful for life love health and happiness. I want to appreciate the little things. Being able to go to school, have a job , and be healthy. I am thankful for the fact that i have all the things I need and am thankful for today and everyday to come.

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