Sunday, December 27, 2009


Man, winter break has gotten pretty boring since Chris has been gone lol. I really can't wait for him to come back. oh so, I am definitely going to vegas on the 2nd. I am going with Stephanie from class and her bf and his friends and her brother. we are the only girls going so it will be interesting. I am excited though. I am glad I actually get to go and I get to go with someone who actually wants me to go. I think I am going to universal studios on new years day. That will be cool too. I love it there. plus, buy one day get all of 2010 for free so I will HAVE to bring Chris there sometime. I am so cold. I have been working on Chris's gift since yesterday. I dont wanna say what it is in case he reads my blog which I am pretty sure he doesnt but I am just playing it safe lol. ok Im gonna go finish it up. bye!

one thing i wanna do before i die- adopt a puppy :)

Monday, December 21, 2009

some realizations

I messaged Anne the other day. basically asking what happened, and if i had done something to her for us to not be friends anymore. she said she couldn't be the friend i wanted. she said she had changed and cannot be that kind of friend to someone. sad. People really do change and sometimes its not for the best. Im glad her and I had closure.

Im not gonna say anything about Greg. I should have told him what I heard, but why would I do that. I wouldnt want to be the one to tell him about it.

Chris left for Hawaii for 2 weeks. Sucks but at least we get to talk on the phone lol. I love him so much. We went to the parade of lights the other day. It was very fun. I was so tired after I just stayed over at his place. We have been staying at eachothers places everynight. I am so happy that his parents love having me there and that mine love having him here. We were on the couch last night playing skipbo and we ended up just cuddling (after i beat him at the game !) He is so incredibly sweet and everything he says just makes my heart melt. Not to sound cheeseball or anything. we were talking about where we wanna live when we move in together. we were thinking san luis or oregon or santa cruz or i dunno. i am so excited though. God, i love him more and more each second. I can't wait til he gets back. !

so in the end. Realization= I LOVE CHRIS AND I love life!!!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Start of winter break

Ok so it is FINALLY winter break. My break so far is really great besides working all the time. Chris and I made a gingerbread house and we made sushi last night to celebrate our 6 month. That was so fun. I have always wanted to make sushi and it actually came out really good. We went christmas shopping and I bouught some gifts but i still need to buy for kim julie joe chris and vince. I know what Im getting all of them so it will be fun to get those gifts. I will probably go with maria.

Ok so this is the downside. I still cant stop thinking about my old friends. they don't even care a little bit that we don;t hang out. i read messages all over facebook saying how they miss one sucks. They do downtown to ventura and its like, im not that far from ventura....i could meet them if they invited me. but no. I guess i have to get over it. if they dont wanna hang out with me then thats their loss. If you are reading this, you should comment and give me some advice on that stuff....moving on from old friends or feeling unappreciated by friends.

Not for a second do I feel unappreciated by Chris though. I can;t even explain how amazing our relationship is. we are definitely in the honeymoon stage right now lol. we are planning on moving in with eachother once i graduate. im sure i have said that in previous blogs but i am so excited for that. we are gonna live in ventura. and we will ride our bikes all the time and i am sooo excited lol. ok g2g food is here! bye

Friday, December 11, 2009


I am so glad school is over. I am so excited for break. Chris and I are planning on visiting his cousin in SF sometime soon, like next weekend or something. We are going christmas shopping tomorrow together. I am so excited. So glad finals are over! It weird that I only have one more semester of college left. I really feel like my life gets better every year. like, I am excited for mine and Chris's future together. We talk about it a lot. Greg never really talked about our future together. He would always just be like "well, i know im going back to bako after i graduate..." as if I werent even included in his plans. Chris and I are gonna get an apartment in Ventura when i graduate. Im hoping I can work at padagonia or somethign cause his aunt knows the owner. I hear thats a really incredible company to work for so thatd be awsesome. plus if we lived where chris use to live in ventura, then its be literally across the street lol. Last nigth Chris and I celebrated me finishing up the semester. We had subway and he drank wine and Idrank some smirnoff ices lol. Everyone said that it was lame for us to do that but we had so much fun. We started drinking at like 6 so we were all sobered up by 10 lol, but i was so tired so we went to sleep. when we woke up , we watched "up" and it was so sad. I cried probably 6 times. lol well Im gfonna go. ill keep you updated on my break. i dont know who im talking to lol. whoever you are, leave me some comments!

Monday, December 7, 2009

I'm Happy for you, but.....

Can we be friends again?...

Saturday, December 5, 2009


So, my life right now is incredible. I have such an amazing boyfriend. he is truely just the most perfect person I can ask for. but still, i think about Greg. Not at all because I miss him as a boyfriend, but i really do miss him as my best friend. I dont know how things got so skewed. We just stopped talking. he moved on from even being a friend to me. I feltl ike he changed. He always said that he thought i was expecting him to treat me like i was his girlfriend but thats not true. I wanted him to treat me nicely, as a friend. Things will never be the same and Im ok with that but Im not ok with the fact that I might never talk to him or hang out with him again. Chris is very important to me and I am really the luckiest girl in the entire world to have him but i have no friends anymore. I feel betrayed by so many people. Everyone just got so lame. I dont know how it happened. I guess I should continue taking things one day at a time and see where life takes me.

So finals are next week. On tuesday I have a marketing presentation where we are presenting a marketing strategy to the actual VP of iMainGo. I am really excited but really nervous. My group is the worst. I basically have done all of the work including coming up with the idea. Butat least it will be how i want it to be.

Thursday is my last final. Friday I move out and then Im going camping in SB with Chris Julie and her boyfriend Josh. It will be really fun. The sometime in early January Chris and I are going to visit his cousin Chelsea in SF. She is really awesome. His whole family is incredible and they are all so fun.

Im also gonna be working full time at the rec dept. this break. hopefully make enough money for the semester, but i doubt it. Im gonna have to take out a loan.. Ive gone 3.5 years of college without a loan and now on my last semester I need one. So lame. but hopefully I will get a job after graduation.

Oh! During Spring Break Im gonna go visit Chris in Belgium with his sister, Rainey. I am beyond excited. Which reminds me, I need to get my passport soon! I am so so so excited. It will be really good bonding for his sister and I also which Im excited for. Ive never relaly traveled anywhere except for Canada in 10th grade. I cannot wait to explore the world. I want to travel EVERYWHERE!. sO stoked for the future and cannot wait to see what else there is to come!.

Love ya. <3

-one thing I wanna do before I do- have a song written and performed for me.