Friday, December 11, 2009


I am so glad school is over. I am so excited for break. Chris and I are planning on visiting his cousin in SF sometime soon, like next weekend or something. We are going christmas shopping tomorrow together. I am so excited. So glad finals are over! It weird that I only have one more semester of college left. I really feel like my life gets better every year. like, I am excited for mine and Chris's future together. We talk about it a lot. Greg never really talked about our future together. He would always just be like "well, i know im going back to bako after i graduate..." as if I werent even included in his plans. Chris and I are gonna get an apartment in Ventura when i graduate. Im hoping I can work at padagonia or somethign cause his aunt knows the owner. I hear thats a really incredible company to work for so thatd be awsesome. plus if we lived where chris use to live in ventura, then its be literally across the street lol. Last nigth Chris and I celebrated me finishing up the semester. We had subway and he drank wine and Idrank some smirnoff ices lol. Everyone said that it was lame for us to do that but we had so much fun. We started drinking at like 6 so we were all sobered up by 10 lol, but i was so tired so we went to sleep. when we woke up , we watched "up" and it was so sad. I cried probably 6 times. lol well Im gfonna go. ill keep you updated on my break. i dont know who im talking to lol. whoever you are, leave me some comments!

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