Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Start of winter break

Ok so it is FINALLY winter break. My break so far is really great besides working all the time. Chris and I made a gingerbread house and we made sushi last night to celebrate our 6 month. That was so fun. I have always wanted to make sushi and it actually came out really good. We went christmas shopping and I bouught some gifts but i still need to buy for kim julie joe chris and vince. I know what Im getting all of them so it will be fun to get those gifts. I will probably go with maria.

Ok so this is the downside. I still cant stop thinking about my old friends. they don't even care a little bit that we don;t hang out. i read messages all over facebook saying how they miss one sucks. They do downtown to ventura and its like, im not that far from ventura....i could meet them if they invited me. but no. I guess i have to get over it. if they dont wanna hang out with me then thats their loss. If you are reading this, you should comment and give me some advice on that stuff....moving on from old friends or feeling unappreciated by friends.

Not for a second do I feel unappreciated by Chris though. I can;t even explain how amazing our relationship is. we are definitely in the honeymoon stage right now lol. we are planning on moving in with eachother once i graduate. im sure i have said that in previous blogs but i am so excited for that. we are gonna live in ventura. and we will ride our bikes all the time and i am sooo excited lol. ok g2g food is here! bye


  1. Well you want comments so here goes. In my life experience, I've attained and lost people I felt were friends. True friends never leave you. Although there is the possibility they think you have better things to do and that you have a lot going on with Chris. Talk to them and see what's going on and if they still seem distant then cut your losses and consider this an awesome opportunity to bring new people into your life. There are lots and lots of interesting people out there. Find them. I can tell you I've done it myself and one of those people has been constant in my life for 5 years. She's one of the best friends I've ever had. You just have to let go sometimes and keep your heart open. Everything happens for a reason. So get out there. Good luck. :)

  2. I completely agree and I am excited to meet new people.

  3. if you ever want to talk or vent here's my aim sn: tiffle721 :)