Saturday, January 9, 2010

Crater Face

So I was at my internship yesterday and I was checking my email account because I needed to see what tasks I was assigned. Well, I had 5 comments on my blog spot which was weird because i never usually get comments. They were all from an anonymous person saying stuff about how I am a "Crater Face"

for example, one comment was "i heard puppies don't like crater faces" because I had blogged about wanting to adopt a puppy.

Being 21, I forgot immature people can be lol. Like, I have not been called a name like that since about the 7th grade. So weird. I feel bad for the person. They really must be bored haha and yea, i might not have great skin, but that goes away and even with my bad skin i still have someone super amazing with me, telling me i am beautiful everyday. They are just jealous, Im sure. I mean, who wouldnt be?

So lots has happened in the past few days. My computer got a virus....crashed....and i lost all of my pictures...again. I am really upset and i should have backed up my files but i just never had time. Cant go back now so no use in dwelling over it.

Chris's friend Bjorn is styaing with him. He is a cyclist too. He rides with radioshack which is Lance Armstrong's team. He said he is a pretty nice guy. So we have all just been haning out. Last night we made sushi and Chris's sister made some too. I love hanging out with such great people. People who don't talk abotu other people and people who are just so real and so happy and so appreciative of live. I love it.

I am pretty stressed lately over money.. lets see these are the things i need
passport- $115
plane ticket- $900
bridesmaid dress- $100
wedding gift- $50
mom bday gift-$30
gas money back to school-$40
school supplies-$20

and my pay check next thursday will be $200....HA soooo I am probably going to take out a loan. Chris said he would pay for my plane ticket for right now and i dont hve to pay him back for awhle. So, that is a relief.

I am so excited for belgium. I cannot wait! We are going to take a plane from Belgium to Paris. That will be so amazing. And then once Chris is back in the summer, he is doing the Tour of California races, which will be soooo fun to watch. I am going to make a huge sign for Chris. He is racing with the top cyclist in the WORLD. its so incredible. I am such a proud girlfriend lol. He is just amazing.

School is going to suck. I dont have friends anymore except stephanie H. which she is super cool but lives all the way in Simi. I guess its better to have a few real friends than hang out with a lot of fake people. I cant wait for graduation. Life gets better and better and I am so excited.

So if you want to call me a crater face one more time, go ahead if it makes you feel better, but just know, you cannot bring me down. I am the luckiest girl in the world.


  1. crater face is pretty 7th grade, you called it

  2. Your skin isn't even bad, that's why no one has called you any names in so long. The crater face person is just a chump.