Saturday, January 16, 2010


Im so bored. Chris left today to go to training in Santa Rosa. I miss him so much. He hasnt even been gone for a day. School starts on tuesday. Ugh so not ready for it. I am really over it,and i am so excited for my life. I am really tired. I woke up at like 6am with Chris. He was leaving at 8 but we wanted to wake up early so we could just be together. We talked til really late last night. We both almost started crying. We were comforting eachother about him being gone for so long. omg and last night we went out to dinnner wtih his family and Bjorn made a speech saying how Chris's family is so amazing and he was really thankful and iti was sweet. and then Chris was loike I have a speech too. He said he has an amazing family and great friends and now he has an amazing girlfriend and he feels very complete. I almost started crying. and then he was telling them that it was our 7 monthiversary and they were asking us about our first date and stuff. We just had a really great time. Then we went back to his house and we all played cranium. Chris and I won, of course lol It was really fun. I love his family and I am so happy I am with a guy who comes from such great people. Its obvious where he gets it from. well im tired and i sitll have to pack to move into the dorms. i will probably be blogging a lot because i have no friends at school lol. cant wait for chris to get back! I am SO happy!

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